Do Waist Trainers Actually Work?

Waist trainers have become increasingly popular lately, and with celebrities like the Kardashian’s singing their praises, it’s easy to see why. After Kim herself swore that it was the only way she got her flat belly back after her pregnancy, I was eager to try it out myself. At €45 for a waist trainer, it can be quite expensive for a student like myself. But, seen as the magic quick fix for a teeny weeny waist, is the money worth it?waist2

When I measured my waist (which I’d highly recommend doing before you invest, as they can’t be returned for obvious hygiene reasons) it was 31 inches, so I decided to go for a medium waist trainer (size 10) which was 28-31”. I wore it for almost a month and my waist is now 29”, and I could easily fit into the smaller size.

People can be wary about buying a waist trainer for fear of discomfort. They’re uncomfortable yes, but you get used to it. No pain, no gain after all.

Before I go on I just want to highlight I didn’t achieve these results by waist training alone. I was also eating healthily, as well as running every second day, which aided to the change in my body. So I can’t say if waist training alone will magically turn you into a size six, but if you eat a little healthier and exercise a little more, then it will definitely make a difference.

I got my waist trainer from Tiny Waist, which claim that their waist trainers will make many improvements. The first claim is that they correct your posture and give you back support, and I completely agree with this. It’s pretty much impossible to slump forward when you have this corset-like contraption holding you up straight, and even now that I’m not wearing mine, I find that my posture is a lot better.

They also state that you’ll lose inches off your waistline instantly. This is also true, and as well as that the waist trainer really sucks in youwaistr belly. They’re just like a fancy pair of hold in knickers, and slim you down immediately. It gives you a really nice shape when it’s on and prevents any trouble with love handles in your clothing.

Tiny waist also claim that their waist trainers increase thermal activity and perspiration. I can definitely agree with this, after wearing it for eight hours your core does get hot and sweaty (I’m sorry it’s disgusting, writing a truthful review can be grim). And if you exercise with it on, well that’s a whole different story. You seem to sweat about 90% more than you would if you didn’t have one on. I also found that after I took mine off, the muscles in the top of my belly (which were there from years of yoga) became more prominent temporarily.

The waist trainer is also said to curb hunger pains, reduce snacking and burn calories. I personally didn’t find myself feeling any less hungry or eating any less, so I can’t vouch for that one.

And the one question every girl has, does it help you lose weight? Personally, I didn’t lose any weight while I was wearing it. But having lost 2” off my waist (and probably a few inches off my hips as well) it definitely helped to make a positive change in my body. I didn’t get the washboard stomach I’d been hoping for, but I think my goals were a little unrealistic. The waist trainer definitely gives you a more defined figure and more of an hourglass shape, but to really slim down you’ll need to invest in a smaller size once the original waist trainer has done its job.

One thing I will say about waist training is that you have to be 100% committed to it. I took it off for a weekend when I was at a festival and could notice a difference. Saying that, since I stopped wearing it I haven’t gained the inches back, which is also a concern for some people hoping to invest.

So the original question, do waist trainers actually work? I’d say yes, and I plan on buying the size 8 once I’ve saved up enough for one. They won’t magically transform your body overnight, but they make a noticeable difference. I wore one for two months and lost 2”, and when I buy the smaller one I’m hoping to get similar results. If I did this for three months in a row I could potentially lose 6” off my waist, which to me is worth the money.

And just to add, I’d recommend waist training in the winter months. If you’re wearing clothing made of flimsy, thin material, sometimes you can see the hooks, but that won’t be a problem when it’s cold. Now is the perfect time to start! Unfortunately I have no before and after pictures because my phone with the before pictures died an untimely death at Castlepalooza.


3 thoughts on “Do Waist Trainers Actually Work?

  1. The thing I’d be worried about with these is that if it’s pulling you in so much, does it crush your organs with your fat over time? I’ve heard stories of this happening with Spanx and the likes, although I’m not quite sure whether they were just rumours. The fat has to go somewhere like. I’m definitely looking into investing in one though! Sounds like a great investment!

    1. I don’t think it does – it doesn’t suck you in as extremely as people think and the material is quite flexible. I think the fat is lost ultimately through perspiration, I haven’t gained the inches back since I took it off anyways so it doesn’t come back as such 🙂

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