My Perfect Playlist #1

My Perfect Playlist #1

So I’ve decided to try something a little different for my blog this week, I’ll be giving you guys an insight on the kind of music I listen to on a daily basis. I actually got this idea from a girl in my course, Olivia, and you can read all about her Spotify Session’s here. I found some new songs that I liked from her list, so I decided I’d do the same and hope that you guys find music you enjoy here too. playlist4

A little word of warning for this post, there’s music from about five different genre’s thrown in here. You could find indie, rock, or even some throwbacks to my pop punk obsession that I never really managed to kick. Some of this music helps me to run faster, some of it helps me to fall asleep, either way, it’s all pretty good shit.

Also, I love listening to music with lyrics that relate to the things going on in my life. Guess which one relates to it this week?

  1. Might Not – Belly ft. The Weeknd
  2. Love System – Le Galaxie
  3. Tragedy + Time – Rise Against
  4. Keeping Your Head Up – Birdy
  5. Gold – Kiiara
  6. When It Rains – Paramore
  7. Takes My Body Higher – Shoffy ft. Lincoln Jesser
  8. The Permanent Rain – The Dangerous Summer
  9. A Party Song – All Time Low
  10. Drown (acoustic) – Nolan Sotillo
  11. Rat A Tat – Fall Out Boy
  12. Lost Boy – Ruth B
  13. Cool Kids/Riptide – Less Is More
  14. All The Luck In The World – The Coronas
  15. Love Yourself – Justin Bieber
  16. The Other Side – Tonight Alive

As you can see, I wasn’t lying, my music taste is all over the place. But hey, I’m open to suggestions! If there’s any music you think I’d be interested in after reading this playlist, make sure to leave a comment and I’ll give it a listen. Who knows, maybe it will make next week’s playlist?


One thought on “My Perfect Playlist #1

  1. Hello this Luz Bravo i would like to ask for permission to use the image of the woman listing to for a music for a project. i really like the picture, it goes very well with the project the i want to do. please email me.

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