Positive Quotes For Rainy Days

The day is gloomy; it’s raining outside and it’s freezing cold and it’s not exactly the most uplifting thing in the world. When you’re feeling down and it seems like everything’s against you (and the weather is shit), it’s all about using the little things in life to help you feel better. Something small that I find helpful when I’m feeling down, is quotes. Far from the conventional and slightly patronising “Just think positive”, here are some of my favourite quotes for rainy days.

1. “In the end, we only regret the things we didn’t do, and the chances we didn’t take.” This is my go-to quote when I’m in a fit of anxiety thinking about whether I should or I shouldn’t, with all of the what if’s thrown in between. There are so many opportunities in the world, and it’s all about going out there and grasping them with both arms. Often enough, the same opportunities don’t roll around twice. Go out there and do it!


2. “I’d rather have a life of oh well’s than a life of what if’s.” Linking up with the last quote, I think of this a lot when I’m anxious. A lot of the time, my anxiety stops me doing things and I completely beat myself up after it. Although I’m anxious about the situation, I know that avoiding it won’t make me feel any better. I’ll just be left thinking about it, whereas if I just went out and did it, at least it’s done. And if it went badly? It’s a lesson learned for next time.


3. “Never a failure, always a lesson.” It’s inevitable – sometimes things can go wrong, drastically wrong. But instead of focusing on your mistake and getting up in a heap over it, see it as a lesson learned. You tried, you took something valuable from the situation, and you won’t make the same mistake twice. Everyone messes up, we’re only human. It’s okay to mess up sometimes.


4. “Just because you’re struggling does not mean you’re failing. Every great success requires some sort of struggle to get there.” This was the quote that somehow managed to get me through my leaving cert. Getting to where you want to be in life can be difficult, and sometimes you’ll want to give up when things are going wrong. But knowing that nothing worth having ever comes easily can help, and it will all be worth it when you have your success story at the end of the day. Nobody is successful without a struggle.

pos75. “There are far better things ahead than those we leave behind.” This quote can apply to a lot of things – old friends, missed job opportunities, anything really. But the people that are in your past are there for a reason, I believe that if somebody really wants to stay in your life, they’ll fight for it. Some people come into our lives as a blessing, and others are just there to teach us a lesson or two. Those who leave are just making space for more people to enter our lives, and hopefully stay.


6. “Big things often have small beginnings.” This can be applied to everyday life, but I often use it to justify my career choice. I was always told that “There’s no jobs in journalism” and “You have to be a really good writer to be a successful journalist”, and although that’s true, it takes time and patience to become a good writer. Once upon a time I started this blog and nobody was reading it, and now I have over 40,000 viewers. Every small step is a step in the right direction, and added together will lead to big things in the future.


7. “You can’t appreciate the good days without the bad ones.” The bad things that happen to us in life make us appreciate the good things, and the little things, so much more. We can’t change our bad days, but we can learn from them. If I have an anxiety-free week (okay that’s pushing it, try an anxiety-free day) I’m on top of the world, because I know how much anxiety can drag me down. Appreciate the good days while they’re there, and make the most of them.


8. “Life is a gift, don’t take it for granted.” Okay, so this isn’t exactly a conventional positive quote but bare with me. I’m a firm believer in living every day like its your last, because you never know when it will be. I make sure that I do at least three things every day that make me happy, make me feel good or make me feel like I’m helping somebody out. You can’t take your happiness, or the gift of life in general for granted. pos99. “What’s meant to be will always find its way.” Right now, you might not be where you expected to be in life. But I can guarantee you, you’re exactly where you’re meant to be. I believe that life is planned out for us all, from the day we’re born until the day we die, and the things we experience shape us into who we’re truly meant to be. I’m not sure if I believe that there’s a God out there who does all the planning for us, but I guess somehow had to, right?


10. “What will be, will be.” Sometimes things go to shit, and you just have to deal with it. What will be, will be, and you just have to make the most out of all the situations life throws at you. I love this saying so much that I got it tattooed on my thigh, it’s a constant reminder to live in the moment, because you can’t see what the future will bring.que-sera

Author: Michaela Deane

Fourth year Journalism and English student. Drama Queen. Girl kisser. Angsty feminist. Professional wine mom. Virgo Sun with a Capricorn moon, also on the Leo-Virgo cusp so my whole existence is one big contradiction really. Unapologetically myself, always.

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