Avicii – A Series of Unfortunate Events

Avicii – A Series of Unfortunate Events

Having taken a sudden notion this summer and becoming a concert addict, I decided a few days ago that I’d spontaneously buy an Avicii ticket. I’ve widened my interests when it comes to music in the last few months, and have become particularly fond of dance/house/electronic genres. I was seriously pumped for the concert after watching so many of his live sets online, and was expecting a night that I’d never forget. Well, turns out things don’t always turn out how we’re expecting them to and Avicii turned into a series of unfortunate events.

First up we had the bus journey from hell, and not just because it took us almost two hours to get there from Coolock. I decided to ring the girl I was buying a ticket off to find out where to meet her, only to be told “No sorry, this isn’t her! You have the wrong number!” from a young girl, who sounded drunk, who was in a crowd… I wasn’t born yesterday sunshine. Anyways, cue asking her friend for her number who confirmed it, there was nothing left to do except panic about the fact that I was ticketless for the whole journey – great start to the night. Luckily enough there were people selling them outside the gates and I bought one there.

By the time we got into Marlay Park, I was 100% sober. And I stayed sober, because after paying €6 for 125ml of wine I decided I’d rather be sober than broke. It didn’t bother me because I was having fun hopping and dancing around the place, but I was so much more aware of my surroundings and the people I was around. And Jesus Christ, it was in no way like the friendly atmosphere you’d find at a festival.

I’d first like to mention that every second person looked like a mad bull on steroids, about to punch the first person that bumped into them. And God forbid if you did bumped into someone you’d have daggers thrown at you left right and centre, as well as multiple swear words being aimed your way. Clearly these people had never been at a concert before, but whatever. I had so many drinks spilled on me that I smelled like an old man’s pub, but did I give a shit? No.  It’s inevitably going to happen.

Clean Bandit and Rudimental were Avicii’s supporting acts, but I can’t comment much on how they were live because I wouldn’t have listened to them much previously. I’d listen to their songs on the radio or watch their videos if they came on television, but I wouldn’t put their music on deliberately. I’d never seen any live videos of them, so I wasn’t sure if they were good or bad in comparison. They seemed to get the crowd going anyways, but the intervals between acts was awful. They seemed to last forever, and everyone was just kind of mooching around/looking for fights/getting angry with everyone who fell on them or spilled a drink on them.

And then for the moment we’d all been waiting for, on came Avicii. The whole crowd rushed up and started to dance, excited for the main act. Well the excitement didn’t last too long for me, I was really unimpressed with his set. It seemed like he only played a handful of his own songs, and the only two that I can remember as being particularly good were Levels (of course) and The Days. It’s not that his set was bad, it just could have been a lot better. I had fun, but was expecting a lot more.

Disappointment was rife among our group and we decided to leave early so we could go out in Dublin, or so we thought. When we were walking out we seen fireworks go off, which I was later told happened during the last song, so clearly we didn’t miss much. An hour and a half walk later to a Luas, we were finally on our way to town. I actually ended up having one of the best nights out of my life in Dublin with my friends.

As I said, I had fun at the concert, but I was expecting a lot more. I definitely wouldn’t pay to see Avicii again, and was pretty disappointed by it overall.


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