Sea Sessions 2015 – The Highlights

The post festival blues have well and truly kicked in, and I’m sitting here reflecting on what was one of the most fun weekends of my life. Sea Sessions, you were definitely one to remember. Well, that of it that we can remember of course. Here were a few of the best/worst/funniest bits…

  1. “I know you from Twitter.” We hadn’t even stepped onto the campsite and one of the workers had said it to me. This was followed by a weekend full of people coming up to me saying “You were the Leaving Cert Twitter girl”, and judging by my notes on my phone, I took a few of their usernames down too. 049
  2. “Kick her in the fanny Kelly!” If you went to Sea Sessions and didn’t hear this, as well as “Fenton! Jesus Christ Fenton!” erupting through the campsite at least fourty times over the duration of the weekend, are you sure you were even there?
  3. “I’m so sickened that I missed Sea Sessions Steve.” Missing Seasick Steve was a terrible moment for Brendan, but what was even worse was not being able to remember his name.
  4. The eejit with the guitar that kept playing Wonderwall. I’m very surprised that nobody threw his guitar halfway across the pitch, especially when all the session moths gathered around for a singalong.
  5. “I’m never taking drugs, there’s a man in the bathroom trying to chew his arm off!” Not a great encounter with somebody on drugs, but as if we weren’t put off it enough before, hearing a story about a man with his teeth digging into his bloody arm sure did the trick.
  6. 063The screaming. On Saturday morning, myself and Holly woke up, turned to face each other and started screeching. Yep, that’s how bad we looked after Friday’s festivities.
  7. The drunk stories. This is always going to a highlight of festivals, but listening to the lads’ tales after a couple of cans had us in absolute bits.
  8. “I’m sorry I shifted your friend.” Well, that’s kind of self-explanatory isn’t it?
  9. “Yeah, we’re from RTE.” Lend your press pass to your friends and no doubt they’ll have an absolute ball with them.
  10. The VIP area. On the festival site there was a VIP area for everyone who was with the press or had just paid extra for a VIP ticket, equipped with a bar, some couches, and *shock!* some proper bathrooms. There was about four of us who were under the age of twenty in there, and we sure did stand out. We literally danced until we dropped, it was quite embarrassing really.
  11. “Why is your skirt wet?” “Oh I had a shower.” Does it make sense to you? Nope, didn’t to me either.102
  12. The amount of times the word “fanny” was said on Sunday night. Twenty? Fourty? Eighty?
  13. The acts. Example was by far the best there, followed up by Alex Adair. Cyril Hahn was quite good too!
  14. When I forgot I was allergic to mustard. Waking up looking like you’ve had a dodgy lip job is never fun, and I refused to leave my tent for about four hours until the swelling went down a bit.
  15. Nable. Nable was our table who was nable because she had no legs. She was taken from a pub, and at first we were trying to sell her as an iPhone 10. Didn’t work out too well.
  16. Rock climbing. When we asked Holly where she’d ran off to the night before, she announced that she’d gone on a wild adventure of rock climbing. In the dark.
  17. “Are you a security guard?” Don’t wear illuminous jackets to music festivals kids, unless you want to be pestered by people who think you’re a security guard that is.
  18. Falling in love. Let’s just say we had very hot neighbours, and we were all a little heartbroken when they magically disappeared on the second day.
  19. The goal. Ah, the majestic goal. Our campsite was in a football pitch and there were goal posts on either side, so when one lad scored a goal from half way across the field the whole crowd erupted. Hence lots of roaring and shouting, and e004veryone running across the pitch to celebrate this fella’s achievement.
  20. Looking and feeling like a wild animal. It’s going to take me a long time to get the smell of mud off my clothes.

Overall I had a fantastic weekend spent with some brilliant people, and it’s safe to say that I’ll definitely be taking a trip to Sea Sessions again. The post festival blues are trying to take over my life at the moment, but let’s just look forward to Castlepalooza and Electric Picnic!

Also, a big thanks to Pab Travel, Heineken Ireland and Sea Sessions themselves for the free tickets. Ye’re absolute stars and we got great use out of them!


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