Festivals – What I Learned From Life

Yesterday I got home from Life festival, which was possibly the most amazing weekend of my life. It was all pretty last minute when I realised I’d be going, because my friend only found out that she’d won 4 VIP tickets two days before. I didn’t exactly have much time to prepare for it, and there were a lot of things I didn’t know (or didn’t believe) about festivals that I’ll keep in mind for next time. So for those of you heading off to a festival this summer, here’s what I learned during my time at Life.

  1. Nobody actually cares what you wear

When you look at pictures of celebrities in magazines who are having the time of their lives at Coachella, all you can183 see is flowy dresses and pretty sandals and cute flowery handbags. I can assure you now that festivals aren’t really like that. Sure there’s a handful of girls around the place who are dressed to impress, but you know what most people were wearing at Life? Onesies, teamed with wellies of course. Comfort and warmth is what I found to be most important at Life, and I’m sure a lot of people would agree with me on that one.

  1. It gets really cold at night time

Not only does it get cold, sometimes it rains as well. And sometimes there’s condensation on the inside of your tent that drips down onto your face while you’re trying to sleep on the cold, hard floor, and you’re shivering so much you look like there’s something wrong with you. Bring a sleeping bag and lots of blankets kids!

  1. Your phone dying is actually a good thing

181My main concern about going to a festival was what the hell I was going to do when my phone died. I was afraid I’d panic like mad without my phone, especially if I got lost in the crowd or something. My phone dying turned out to be the best thing to happen all weekend, without it you spend so much more time having fun with your friends and interacting with others. There’s nothing distracting you from the shenanigans of the weekend, and it’s definitely more of a good thing than a bad thing.

  1. Food costs a bomb

Heading to Life, we decided to buy some food beforehand so we wouldn’t have to spend a lot of money on it for the weekend. Being sensible as always, we decided to buy 48 packets of crisps. Those 48 packets of crisps were as well as gone by the next morning, either eaten or crushed into the carpet of our yurt. After this my diet consisted of hotdogs, hotdogs and more hotdogs, and I don’t even want to know how much money I spent on them. 179

  1. It’s muddy. Really, really muddy

By day three, there wasn’t a blade of grass to be seen in the park and after all the rain it was like walking around in quicksand. The muscles in my legs are still aching because of the amount of times my welly got stuck in the mud and I had to use all my strength to drag it out. But I was happy out, because there were some people there who weren’t wearing wellies at all… Awful decision. After Saturday night I woke up looking like I’d been rolling around in the muck, it was all over my shorts, half way up my top and my bag was so destroyed that I had to throw it out. But hey, a little mud never hurt anybody!

  1. You’ll see more of your friends than you bargained for

180I shared a tent with three girls, and walked in or turned around on somebody getting changed at least 10 times over the weekend. It’s not something that bothered us, but if you’re sharing a tent with somebody just make sure you’re comfortable around them, because there will definitely be instances like this occurring on more than one occasion. This weekend also taught me that we’re not exactly the cleanest, because after the first night our tent was already ruined with crisps and water and God only knows what else all over the floor.

  1. Cider for breakfast is the norm

When you wake up in the morning dying of thirst and the only thing in close proximity to your sleeping bag is cider, it will be drank. Starting a session at 9am is also deemed acceptable, with music blaring from tents and people already pumped for the day ahead of them.

  1. Sleep is for the weak

I’m not sure about other festivals, but at Life the music kept going until 6am almost every morning. Although t157he crowds had died down by then, there was still a huge amount of people out partying, and only the weak would fall asleep early (eg. Me on the first night)

  1. You will go home with very weird pictures on your phone

Multiple photos with strangers, odd selfies of your friends, blurry concert pictures, you name it and it will be on your phone. I came home with some pretty odd pictures on my phone, which makes me kind of glad that it died when it did!

  1. You will experience post festival blues

After a weekend of madness, you’re sure to be exhausted. As well as that, you’re more than likely hungover and in woe over the fact that the festival is over. My advice for this is to curl up in bed, eat some healthy food and watch your favourite show on Netflix. Remember, there’s always next year!


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