Things Guys Do That Really Piss Girls Off

Text “what’s up?” and then not reply for five hours. If you want to talk to us, then talk to us

boys 13Cancel plans last minute. We shaved our legs for this shit.

cancelled plansSay “I’ll ring you at half 10” and not ringing until quarter to twelve. We need this thing called beauty sleep, you know?

no-sleepGiving mixed signals. There’s nothing more annoying than not knowing where you stand with somebody.

boys 7

Liking other girl’s photos on Facebook. Do you have a death wish?

boys 6

When you’re active on Facebook but don’t text back. It will make a girl crazy.


Ignoring our snapchats. Just don’t.

boys 11

Destroying things when you’re drunk. You smashed a bottle off the wall? Wow, I sure want a piece of you now Mr. Tough Guy.

boys 2

Playing with our feelings because you’re unsure of your own. Figure it out before you decide to string us along into this mess please.boys 5

Say “girls are difficult compared to guys”. Ha ha HA, you have no idea.


Beep your car horn and shout out the window at us. What exactly are you expecting to achieve from this?


Sending a text consisting solely of “?”. What do you mean “?” ???????


Expecting us to be okay with the fact that you don’t want a relationship, just because you want to play the field. Ever heard of the saying, you can’t have your cake and eat it too?

boys 4

Turning into a completely different person in front of your friends. There’s no need to get all cocky, okay?


Use us. Stop it.


When all you talk about is football. That’s what your friends are for.

images (1)

When you give us your number but don’t text back. What’s the point?

boys 10

Catcall. We’re not animals.

boys 9

Break promises. More commonly known as the eighth deadly sin.


Hiding your feelings. Why are you so afraid to show that you might actually like someone?

boys 8

String more than one girl along at once. We’re girls, we find out everything.


Comment on our makeup. “I don’t like dark lipstick”, well I guess it’s a good thing you’re not wearing it then, isn’t it?


Attempt to grow a beard when you can’t. It’s patchy and it’s making you look homeless, please stop.


Shaming other girls. Whether it’s fat-shaming or slut-shaming, just stop commenting on other girls’ appearances already.


Ask if we’re on our period when we get annoyed about any of the above. Don’t you dare.



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