Your Questions, Answered: Part 2

Sorry guys, had to divide this up into two parts because by question 25 I was already on 1400 words, I guess I have a lot more to say than I initially thought! Anyways, here’s the answers to the remaining questions.

  1. What is your greatest fear?

Getting my bloods taken. Pierce my tongue, grand. Stab me thousands of times during a tattoo, grand. But don’t you dare try and suck any blood out of my arm or you’ll be greeted with my knee in your stomach.

  1. I remember when you used your blog and did Yankee Candle hauls I was just wondering what is your fav candle of all time? I love Christmas Eve or Vanilla Cupcake. Are you still as obsessed with Yankee Candles now you’re in UL?

Haha I love this question! We all had to start somewhere I guess, even if it was writing about candles. My favourite candle of all time is Black Cherry, I love it. And yes, I’m still obsessed. Crazy candle lady over here.

  1. You always seem so confident and don’t care what anyone thinks. Have you any tips for someone to be more like that?

Fake it until you make it. If you tell yourself that you’re confident, no matter how low you feel, you will eventually grow a little bit more confident. Even if it’s just a little bit, it’s something. Be who you want to be and don’t let anybody stand in the way of that or try to change you.

  1. Now that you’re no longer a blonde, do you feel that people take you more seriously? Or have you ever been effected by the whole dumb blonde stereotype?

I was never really effected by the dumb blonde stereotype because I showed the world what a nerd I was with the Leaving Cert page!

  1. What products do you use for your eyebrows?

NYX Auto Eyebrow Pencil in dark brown, better than MAC in my opinion.

  1. Will you make more YouTube videos soon?

Yes, I have over 30,000 views and something 500 followers, so I never should have stopped. I plan on starting again during the Summer.

  1. Do you workout? If so what’s your typical workout?

I don’t, because I’m really lazy. I do a lot of walking from Dromroe to Kilmurry, that’s about it.

  1. What’s your main goal in life?

My one and only goal in life is to be happy, because that’s the most important thing in anyone’s life. I just want to wake up one day, anxiety-free, and be able to say that I’m 100% happy. That would be amazing.

  1. What is your most used expression/saying/quote?

Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes it’s difficult to find the reason, sometimes it takes years. But there’s always a reason, or something to be learned from the situation.

  1. What’s your earliest memory?

Hiding bacon and sausages under my pillow in my top bunk-bed when I was about three, because I didn’t want to eat them. Funnily enough, my mother discovered them a few days later and wasn’t too happy.

  1. Dream blog collaboration?

I don’t really know at the minute because I’m only starting to find bloggers who regularly post content now.

  1. Ever been in love?

Well I was with a guy for two and a half years, so I guess I must have been. I’m not really sure if I’m honest, because I was very young at that point, like 14-16.

  1. Best book you’ve ever read and why?

Katie Piper’s autobiography, because it shows what a truly inspirational woman she is. It really made me put perspective on things.

  1. Most interesting person you’ve ever met and why?

Everyone that I meet and choose to keep in my life is interesting, if they bored me I wouldn’t stick with them.

  1. Best advice you ever got?

When I felt low about my body, I was told not to focus on the two or three things that I don’t like about it. It was explained to me that nobody looks at somebody and says “Her thighs are kind of fat… I’m going to stay away from her.” People look at each other as a whole, and don’t decide that they don’t like you over one or two flaws that you might have. So now I focus on the things I like, like my lips and my eyes.

  1. What’s been your best achievement this year?

Honestly, I have a lot of things to be proud of myself for. I got a scholarship for college for an essay I wrote, I’ve had an article published in a national newspaper, I’ve gotten over my fear of public speaking. I’ve done quite a bit!

  1. Are you open to a relationship with someone, regardless of gender?

Well I don’t see anything wrong with it, although I’ve only ever had boyfriends.

  1. First kiss? Location and what it was like etc.

Oh my God it was when I was like 12 and it was behind a hotel, and my friends were around the corner hahaha. It was sloppy anyways because I remember being like THIS IS NOT WHAT IT’S LIKE IN THE MOVIES!

  1. What gives you the confidence to be yourself Michaela? I just really respect you for that!

That’s so cute. Knowing that I’m not a copy of anybody else, and that I should make use of my unique features. Everybody’s different and I think we should all embrace that!

  1. If you could choose just one thing to change about the world, what would it be?

I can’t answer that, there’s way too many things that I’d change. Judgement would be one thing I’d get rid of anyways.

  1. If you could look back at yourself to this time last year, what piece of advice would you give?

You know all those times that you worried, “Maybe midwifery isn’t for me” well you were right. Go with your gut. Stop letting people tell you that journalism is a dead end career. Stop worrying about your leaving cert, because everything is going to fall into place. You’re going to make some great friends when you start college, and also lose some. But it’s all for the better, just make sure you appreciate the good ones.

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Author: Michaela Deane

Fourth year Journalism and English student. Drama Queen. Girl kisser. Angsty feminist. Professional wine mom. Virgo Sun with a Capricorn moon, also on the Leo-Virgo cusp so my whole existence is one big contradiction really. Unapologetically myself, always.

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