What Not To Say To a Tattooed Person

I understand that to some degree, people are curious about tattoos. They’re pretty cool, and some people see them as an exotic thing and are completely enthralled by them. I don’t mind people asking questions about my tattoos, for example: Did it hurt? Do you want any more? How did you decide on what to get? Or just asking for my advice on tattoos they have planned for the future. I love discussing tattoos, and I’m extremely proud of mine. But one thing I cannot stand is people who are downright rude and ignorant towards my body and choices. I got a lot of this just from having facial piercings, but since I started with my tattoos, the insults have gone on to a whole new level. So I’m here to warn and advise, of what not to say to a tattooed person.tattoo 6

  1. What does it mean?

This is a question that you have to be prepared to answer when you have tattoos, and I’m totally okay with that because both of my tattoos have an underlying meaning. But when people continue to quiz me with “yeah, but what does that mean?” after I’ve given a brief description that makes it obvious that I don’t want to be any more descriptive, it can get a little annoying. If I wanted you to know the full story behind the meaning, you’d know it.

  1. You looked prettier without that

Did I? Cool. I think that I look better with it, and it makes me feel better about my physical appearance and therefore it improves my confidence and my overall wellbeing. So do I care about your opinion? Nope.

  1. How will you get a job?

This is the question that baffles me the most, because my tattoos are on my legs. How will I get a job? Oh God, I don’t know… Maybe by going for an interview, possibly wearing a pair of trousers? I’m pretty sure that as a Journalist I won’t be applying for any jobs that require me to wear hotpants, and even if I did, there are these things out there called black tights.tattoo 3

  1. How will you look on your wedding day?

Like any other bride, in a long white dress and maybe wearing a veil. Unless I’m in the hotpants that I’ll be wearing for work of course. I’m going to look as beautiful as any other bride would be, and anyone who bases my beauty on the ink on my won’t be invited to my wedding anyways. Simple as that.

  1. What will other people think?

This is the question that annoys me the most. I do not base how I look on the opinions of others, I dress the way I want to and pierce what I want to and tattoo what I want to because it makes me happy with myself, and that’s all I care about. If somebody looks at me and says “I don’t like her because she has a tattoo” does it make a difference to my life? No, it doesn’t. All I’d base on an opinion like that is the fact that I don’t want to associate with this narrow-minded person, ever.

  1. Why would you ruin your body like that?

Lets just take a minute to break down how offensive this question is. Imagine if a friend of mine changed their hair colour or lost some weight, and I said to them “Why would you ruin your body like that?” Not acceptable, right? So why is it acceptable to say that to a tattooed person? It’s rude and it’s hurtful, especially when you don’t know what somebodies tattoos could mean to them. To accuse me of “ruining” my body is essentially telling me that I look awful, which in my eyes is just unacceptable.

  1. What will you look like when you get old?

Like an old person. Wrinkly, with grey hair. I’ll look old. But I’ll just have a little bit of colour on my legs (which I plan on still showing off in my hotpants for work, by the way).tattoo 5

Out of all of the “that’s disgusting” remarks and rude questions that I’ve been asked, I’m happy to say that I’m still very much in love with my tattoos. They’re a part of my body that I’m delighted with and I’m proud of, and if you don’t like them then… I guess you should just be glad you don’t have any, right?


2 thoughts on “What Not To Say To a Tattooed Person

  1. Whenever I meet someone new I always get questioned on my tattoo to the point where it’s a rude interrogation. It’s a 1cm circle on my wrist and apparently I’ve ruined myself with it. I also get judged by my ear piercings. At the end of the day it’s what I think about my body that matters and I love these little features I’ve added to it!

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