I Guess I Should Come Out

Coming out is a scary thing for anyone who has to go through it. Depending on your family and friends, they could react in a various ways and it’s something that you have no control over, you just have to let it happen. It’s something that can put a lot of stress and strain on a person’s life, and I’ve witnessed this myself watching friends who are scared beyond belief to tell their loved ones about their sexual orientation.

I remember one day when a friend of mine told me that he’d come out to his parents, and that they were totally okay with it. I never told him this, but it made my smile stretch from ear to ear and I even shed a tear or two (of happiness of course). But it also made me start to think, why do I feel all this relief? Why am I so happy that somebody is being accepted for who they are? It all seemed a bit backwards, so I’ve decided to go ahead and do this “coming out” thing myself.

I, Michaela Deane, am a person. I am not straight. Nor am I a lesbian. Nor am I bisexual or transexual or anything else. I’m a person, just like everyone else on this earth and mine or anybody elses sexual orientation shouldn’t effect anybody elses feelings towards me unless I am linked to them romantically. I’d like to think that if I brought a nice guy home to my parents, that they’d be happy for me. But I’d also like to think that if I were to bring a girl home, that they’d be happy for me too. I’d like to think that my friends wouldn’t look at me differently because of the person that I love, and if they did they wouldn’t be a friend of mine for much longer. We are all people, and we all deserve to be able to freely love who we want to.

Seeing people go through the emotional turmoil of trying to come out to their loved ones pains me, and it makes me think, why bother? If you’re straight there’s none of this coming out mullarky. Why are LGBT’s made to slap a label on themselves, just because they’re not part of the more common sexuality? If I went downstairs to my parents and said “Mum, Dad, there’s something I need to tell you.. I’m straight.” They’d look at me with a puzzled expression and probably ask if I was feeling okay. So to hell with labels, and to hell with sectioning off “LGBT’s” from society. They don’t need to labeled. They are people, we are people, we all love the same way. 


So here I am, “coming out” as a person who 100% supports loving whoever the hell you fall in love with. I’m coming out as somebody who wants equality for our future. I’m somebody who will want my children and grandchildren to know that I’ll love them no matter who they end up in a relationship with, as long as they’re treated with the respect they deserve. I’m coming out as somebody who will be voting yes in May, in the hope of making our country an easier place to be yourself in.





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