What Guys REALLY Look For In a Girl

I bet a lot of you read that and the first thing that entered your mind was “Girls shouldn’t care about what a guy is looking for in them! Girls should just be happy in themselves!” and this is true. But the reason that many girls say this is because we’re preoccupied with the idea of “the perfect body”, so we think that boys are thinking the same thing. Many of us are self-conscious, and whether we like it or not we do worry about what the boys think of us. A lot of the time, girls get caught up in an obsession with being skinny, having big boobs and of course a massive bum. Because that’s what’s desirable, right? Apparently, not always. I did a little experiment on Tinder and found the results shocking, but in a really good way.

I feel like a lot of the time, guys are put down for no good reason. After a break-up, us girls can be heard sobbing “They’re all the same!” from the nightclub cubicle for a good twenty yards. For some reason, we have it in our heads that what a boy wants is somebody who’s unrealistically beautiful, and many of us feel like we can never live up to this expectation. It can put a downer on us, and make us feel like we’re not good enough. So that’s why I decided to do this little experiment, to see if we’re right and whether or not guys are really so obsessed with perfect physical features.

I asked all of my Tinder matches “What’s the quality that you look for most in a girl?” and drumroll please…054

053Not ONE of them mentioned a stereotypical physical feature. Out of everyone I asked, 36% of the lads said that what they liked the most is somebody that’s funny, and 18% said that the most important thing was being able to maintain a strong conversation. Other qualities that they said they looked for was a girl who was loyal, a girl who has a great smile or just somebody with confidence055

So see girls, they’re not all that bad. By the looks of things, it’s time to sto052p spending so much time in the gym and maybe invest in a joke book instead. I hope this little post helps you fabulous girls realise that (1) Guys don’t just want you for your body and (2) Not all guys are assholes.

And with that I leave you with this video about the cute things us girls do, and also with the message that left me a little eh, lost for words. But then I remembered it was Tinder that I was conducting this experiment on. I’ll leave it to your imagination to figure out the word that I blanked.



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