10 People You Should Follow on Instagram

10 People You Should Follow on Instagram

Usually my blog posts are either personal or serious (sometimes both) so I decided to change it up a little bit. Instagram is something that’s become very popular in the last two years, and I’ve gotten just a little bit addicted. I find myself checking certain accounts on a daily basis, just to see if they’ve posted anything new. So I thought I’d share my top 10 people that you should follow 027on Instagram with you guys.

  1. michelleruddy_

Okay so maybe I’m being a little biased here seeing as Michelle is my best friend, but I have to say that her Instagram is fabulous and I will be forever jealous. She posts mainly about fashion and her eternally flawless makeup, but I have to say there’s quite a lot of pictures of pizza there too. If you want to follow somebody whose style is always on point, Michelle is the girl to follow.


2. eleanormorley

I don’t know Eleanor personally, but her Instagr028am is amazing and to be honest I want to be her. Judging by appearance she seems to be a lot like me in the pale skin and dark hair sense, and she’s also a lover of tattoos and piercings. I’m particularly fascinated by a Captain Spaulding tattoo she has on her leg. It’s beautifully done, and really makes me want to get some more tattoos done.


  1. Amythen00b

Amy is another girl that I follow mainly because of her alternative style and love for tattoos. Her posts are always interesting and whether I’m always intrigued to see what new tattoos she’s gotten. Oh God, this is going to turn into a “people that I follow on Instagram who have tattoos” post. Oops.


  1. Raeganedwardsxx

This is a girl that I follow mainly because I’m in awe over her beauty. Her makeup is always perfect and her white-blonde hair is to die for, I’m extremely je030alous if I’m honest. I’d describe her Instagram as being very “light and fluffy” – it’s all just really cute and innocent. She has a cat that I’m pretty much in love with too.


  1. Jessicamayclarke

031Another girl who’s beauty I am stunned by, Jessica always manages to look amazing. She posts a lot of scenery pictures which I love, and is a really active user. She also likes my photos quite a bit, which makes Michaela a happy girl.


  1. Graceeecareyyy032

Grace is somebody who I’ve talked to a little on Twitter as well as following her on Instagram, and I have to say she’s a lovely girl. Her Instagram really makes me want to get my shit together, she has such a variety of photographs. Where my Instagram is all “look how lazy I always am”, Grace posts about lots of different things. Going out, exercising, studying… Lets just say I wish I was like her.


  1. Misskate_xo

033Let me just start off by saying that I am seriously jealous of this girls Mac lipstick collection, it’s seriously impressive. Although a lot of her posts are about this, she also posts quotes and other girly things like shoes/bath bombs/pets, and has a girly account that I’m very fond of.


  1. Alisha_mylesjay

Alisha is somebody who is a serious inspiration. She got pregnant when she was very young and is now being the best Mum possible to her little boy, Myles. I’ve followed her since I started on Instagram and it’s been lovely to see pictures of her and Myles as he grows up. It just goes to show that parenting can be done effectively, no matter what age you are.


  1. Longhairandlashes

035This account belongs to the gorgeous Gracey O’Connell who’s a beauty blogger. Her posts focus primarily on makeup (obviously), but I’m also gone passed obsessed with her lilac hair at the moment. She’s beyond talented with makeup and I’d encourage all of you to check out her page, as well as her blog longhairandlashes.blogspot.ie IT IS FABULOUS. PS she also likes cats.


  1. This one’s up to you guys!

Leave a comment below with your favourite Instagram users (or even your own username) and I’ll make sure I check it out. Whether it’s just somebody pretty for me to wish I looked like or a tattoo and piercing lover, let me know and I’ll have a look at their account.

And of course, give me a follow on Instagram too while you’re at it!



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