Beauty Products I Couldn’t Live Without

Being a teenage girl, it can sometimes seem like my life revolves around makeup. There’s just something so satisfying about purchasing a new shade of lipstick or finding a mascara that does your long lashes justice, but it can definitely become a bad habit. I realised that my addiction to makeup was going a little too far when I decided I’d go without a week’s shopping to buy three MAC lipsticks. Yes three, and no not necessary. But when funds are running low and I can’t afford to splurge on new and exciting products, these are the things I couldn’t live without.

Foundation: All my life I’ve had skin that would give Snow White a run for her money, and when I was younger it was a real pain in the ass. When I was 13 and just starting off with makeup, finding foundation to match my skin tone was a nightmare, not to mention that I also had disastrous acne that nothing seemed to cover up. After years of searching and coming up with nothing, I discovered MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NW10. It’s as white as white can be and is pretty much full coverage, so it’s perfect for my skin. At €31.50 it’s a little pricey, but a bottle of it lasts me about 6 months because I don’t have to use that much of it in one go. I’m a firm believer that with foundation, you really get what you pay for.

Concealer: Concealer was never really a big thing for me, but since coming to college I use it almost every day. Late night partying and 9am starts don’t exactly go well together, not to mention the return of the dreaded acne from my staple diet of pizza last semester. With all of this in mind, it was time for me to invest in a good quality concealer (after my trusty Catrice stuff fell off the balcony). I decided to try out MAC’s Studio Finish Concealer in NW15. The makeup artists in MAC here in Limerick are always very helpful, and advised me to go for this one because it’s as full coverage as you can get. They were right, this stuff is magic and covers up even the most awful breakouts. It costs €19.50 for a small tub but you only have to use a little bit, so I’m sure it will last me a while.

Blush: Ah, blush. Blush is something that I’m still on the lookout for, I just can’t ever seem to find one that suits my skin tone. Everything either looks too bright in contrast with my pale skin or too dark and looking like I’ve thrown a load of bronzer all over my cheeks, I just can’t seem to win. I’d like to find a pale peachy-pink suitable for my deathly pale look, so if anyone knows of any colours that they think would look nice, please let me know.

Highlighter: For highlighter I use MAC’s Mineralize Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle. I’m not a fan of liquid highlighter (such as Benefit’s High Beam) as I find they look kind of streaky on my face. Although this is from MAC’s Skin Finish range, I’m not exactly sure why anyone would cover their face in it because it’s really sparkly and pink, each to their own I guess! This highlighter isn’t too obvious or shiny, but gives a nice glow to my face. I got this as a gift, but I’m pretty sure MAC’s Skin Finish products like this are in and around €30.

Mascara: I’ve gone through so many mascara’s and after trying They’re Real by Benefit, it’s not something that I tend to splurge on anymore. My eyelashes are pretty long and thick as it is, and I find that a lot of Maybelline and Max Factor products work pretty well with them. Right now I’m using Max Factor’s Clump Defy by False Lash Effect, and after two coats it gives my lashes a really nice finish. I do have to reapply this once or twice a day though because after a while it doesn’t look as dramatic, but I only paid around €15 for this product so I’m more than happy to do it.

Eyeliner: Black liquid eyeliner is a staple in my makeup bag and I definitely couldn’t live without it, but it can be difficult to find a good one. Finding one that has a good brush and pigmentation, that doesn’t smudge throughout the day or go into your creases seemed to be almost impossible but eventually I found my perfect eyeliner: Isodora’s Colorful Eyeliner in black. This is so easy to apply, lasts all day and never smudges, and only costs around €12. It’s by far one of my favourite things in my makeup bag and I know I’ll never use another liquid eyeliner again!

Eyebrow Pencil: I dye my hair blonde but my hair is naturally a light brown colour, meaning my eyebrows are too. Finding an eyebrow pencil to match my brows without looking too harsh against both my pale skin and blonde hair has proven difficult, as every brand only seems to have three colours: blonde, dark brown and black. After searching far and wide I discovered MAC’S Eyebrow Crayon in Fling, which is a perfect dark blonde colour and keeps my eyebrows looking natural. The only thing about it though is that it costs €19.50 and doesn’t last very long, as it’s a twisty pencil that tends to snap quite a bit. I’m kind of hooked now though, so there’s no going back to Rimmel I’m afraid!

Eyeshadow: I’ve never really been a big fan of eyeshadow because I’m unbelievably bad at doing a good smokey eye, and I usually only use minimal eye colour because I go crazy with my lips. Over Christmas I got the Naked 2 Palette, which comes in handy for every day looks as well as more dramatic night time wear. It has the perfect range of browns, bronzes and golds for my minimal eye makeup look and at €45 it’s not a bad price to pay for the various colours you get.

Lip liner: I’m obsessed with accentuating my lips and from gold to black, my lips could end up any colour. However my favourite lip liner that I wear almost every day is Soar by MAC. It’s the perfect nudey-pink colour, and works well even without a lipstick on top. Although I usually cover my whole lips in Soar and follow up with MAC’s Faux lipstick, more often than not I wear it by itself and it always looks natural and pretty. It costs around €15 but lasts a long time.

Lipstick: I have so many MAC lipstick’s that I adore at this stage, but my all time favourite is Heroine. It’s a bright violet colour that contrasts so much with my pale skin, and really makes my green eyes pop. I’m completely in love with it and although it’s a bit of a crazy colour, I wear it during the day quite a bit. I usually wear it with MAC’s Magenta lip liner, and it’s a matte finish (my favourite) so I only have to reapply once or twice a day. I’m nearly out of it now, but will definitely be repurchasing. This colour cost me €19.50


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