“Are you the Twitter girl?”

“Are you the Twitter girl?”

Five words that are without a doubt said to me every time I go out in Limerick, and to say I find it odd would be the understatement of the century. I’m going to start this blog post by explaining this “Twitter girl” craic, because half of you reading this are probably a little confused right now, obviously enough.

When I started sixth year in September 2013, I decided to make a Twitter page called 2014LeavingCert that I could use to rant about my hatred for the leaving cert, and find others who felt the same way. I never really thought much of making it, and didn’t think it would end up anywhere near as popular as it did. As the weeks went by more people started to follow the page, and at its most I had almost 5000 followers. I was baffled at the amount of people who followed me, not only that, but the amount of people who interacted with me.

I made some really good friends just from something as simple as creating a Twitter account, and for every negative comment I got I received 100 positive ones. The positive messages were especially rampant when I received my results, and was really unhappy. All these people sent me messages with advice and support, and I really couldn’t be have been more thankful. It was so lovely knowing that people cared, and realised that I’d worked hard.

033When it was all said and done and I was officially finished with all things leaving cert related, I figured that the page would be forgotten. Right? Wrong. I remember the first night I moved into my apartment, and me and a housemate went to meet our neighbours. The first thing one of them said to me was “You’re the Twitter girl!” and that’s where it started.031

I really didn’t think anyone would recognise me. Sure, I’d posted a few pictures of myself on the account but I didn’t think that anyone had taken any notice. Any time I’d go out in Limerick, I’d get at least 3 or 4 people coming up to me asking me was I the “Leaving cert Twitter girl” and having a chat with me. Usually I’ve had a few drinks, so the conversation might be a bit blurry but I remember one night a girl telling me that she was heartbroken when I didn’t get the course I wanted, because I deserved it more than anyone. It was so sweet!

030My favourite moment however, was when a guy came over and did the Twitter girl thing, and then he was like “Can I buy you a shot?” and I just laughed. Where was he going ASKING if he could buy me a shot, of course he could! It’s mad and it’s happened on more than one occasion, but I won’t be complaining about free drinks. Something weird that people do though is asking me can they take a picture with me. I just don’t understand it, like why are they asking? It’s not like I’m going to say no, I’m a regular person, just take the picture!032

So there you have it, my shock at actually being recognised from a Twitter account. It’s weird and it’s funny, but it always lights up my night when people do it. It makes me realise that maybe I did make an impact on people’s lives, and hopefully helped them through the toughness that is the Leaving Cert. Although it’s always odd when you meet somebody at a party and their first words are “I know who you are”, I wouldn’t have it any other way!


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