Septum Piercing FAQ

Septum Piercing FAQ

As a girl with quite a few piercings there are questions I get asked on a regular basis, and some people come to me for advice before getting pierced. So piercing by piercing, I’m going to go through some of the reoccurring FAQ’s, and today I’m writing a post about my septum piercing.

Did it hurt getting it pierced?

Well, I’ve had my septum pierced twice, and the first time it really hurt because it was done by an inexperienced piercer. I first had it done in CRU Tattoo in Dublin, and the piercer not only pierced through the cartilage in my nose (the hard piece), but the piercing was also completely crooked. I ended up having to take it out altogether because it looked ridiculous, and was given a voucher for a free piercing. However, the second time I had it done in Dublin Ink by Dani, who pierced it through what’s known as your “sweet spot” which is a soft area on your nose, and I didn’t even feel the needle going through. I’ve had a few piercings done by her and would highly recommend her, you can check out her Facebook here: . Obviously the pain wasn’t that unbearable the first time, because I went and got it done again. Pierced through cartilage, I’d give it a 6/10 but when done properly it’s only about a 3/10.

How long does it take to heal?

I was told 3 months but mine stopped hurting after a month, and never got infected. I suppose that’s because it’s not really one that you can play with, unless you’re flipping the barbell up and down.

Why did you get it pierced?

I get this a lot, as long as being told I look like a cow. As I said in my last post, I’ve always loved piercings and I think they make me look a little different. This is a piercing I only wear on certain occasions, I have it flipped up my nose majority of the time because it doesn’t really look nice with an every day look. I don’t like septum piercings with a bar bigger than 16G, or where you can see a lot of the bar and it comes half way down your face. My barbell is really small, it’s 16G and you can only really see a small piece of the bar.

How do you blow your nose?

Blowing my nose isn’t really an issue now that it’s healed, but it’s sometimes annoying when I have my nose stud in as well. You just get used to it really.

Is it easy to hide?

Yes, this is one of the easiest piercings to hide. Unless I deliberately have it flipped down, nobody knows that I have it in. A lot of my friends don’t even know that I have it, and it’s been there for at least six months now. If you want to hide it though, make sure you tell your piercer this, so they choose a barbell with enough space in between the balls to flip up.



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