My New Years Resolutions

My New Years Resolutions

I’m not usually a fan of New Years Resolutions, and the “new year, new me!” crap is usually something I roll my eyes at. But lately I’m trying to be a little more positive, and I think having some goals to focus on in the new year might not be so bad after all. Even if some of these only last a week or two, all I can do is try!

1. Get my writing published017

This is a pretty obvious goal for somebody doing a course like Journalism, but I’m hoping to get a lot more work published in 2015. In October I had an interview published in the Irish Sun which was huge for me, but afterwards I got a little lazy on the writing front. I’ve had a few articles published with College Times, but this year I’m hoping to write for An Focal (UL’s newspaper) and I’m going to be working as a contributor with too. I’m hopefully doing work experience with a radio station in January, and hope to get some type of work experience on the broadcast journalism front during the Summer.

2. Exercise more016

This is one I’ve already started but I’m adamant that I’m going to keep it up in the new year. I love jogging and I’m getting back into yoga too, attempting to squeeze in 30 minutes of exercise every day (which is a lot for a girl who used to do absolutely nothing). I want to make sure I keep this up when I go back to Limerick, so I plan on trying out some of the fitness classes like Pilates, Mind Body Fusion and Total Body Workout. I don’t want to exercise solely for the purpose of losing weight though; I always find that I’m in a better mood after a run and can better handle the challenges life throws my way.

3. Learn to cook018

This one is a must, because after surviving on pasta and takeaways for the last few months my body pretty much hates me. If I can learn to cook 5 or 6 healthy meals I’ll be more than happy, I just need to find some easy, healthy recipes that will be manageable when I have an inconvenient college timetable on my hands. If any of you have any suggestions, please leave a comment, because frankly I don’t even know where to start!

4. Don’t let boys be mean to me014

Recently I’ve been letting my tough gal persona slip and consequently my feelings have been getting hurt. Things that boys would say (or the fact that they’d say nothing at all) would really get on my nerves and it was all starting to make me feel a little down. In 2015 I vow not to have feelings for anyone, and can somebody hold me to that please? I’m gonna enjoy being free and single and all that crap. No more letting boys walk all over me, and certainly no more going back to people who have hurt me in the past. Time to be sassy and classy and a little smart-assy.

5. Be happy026

Most importantly of all, in 2015 I vow to be happy. It’s not that I haven’t been happy this year, in fact it’s been an amazing few months for me, but I want to carry this through to the new year. Looking after my mental health is something that’s important to me as a sufferer of anxiety, and going almost 2 months without a panic attack is something I’m proud to have achieved. This year I’m going to make sure that I do all the things and see all the people that make me happy, and get rid of those who don’t. I’m hoping I make all the right choices for myself, and learn a thing or two from my mistakes along the way.


2 thoughts on “My New Years Resolutions

  1. I can relate to number 4 quite a bit, and I never thought to have more than one new years resolution. I really do enjoy this posts. I hope you do well with these!

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