Review: Oculus

Oculus is one of many “haunted house horrors” that have become popular in the last few years, following the success of films such as Paranormal Activity.
This film is a story of two siblings, Tim and Kaylie Russell, who believe that an evil antique mirror was the cause of the death of their parents eleven years ago. Eager to get rid of this evil force that destroyed their childhood, once Tim is released from a psychiatric ward the siblings decide to attempt to “kill it” by destroying the mirror.
While the film starts off on an interesting note with a new and fresh storyline that grabs a hold of your attention, as it progresses I found that I was losing interest quicker and quicker. The film regularly switches between present time and the incident that happened eleven years ago, which can get confusing. As well as that, there are pieces of the film where the mirror gets Tim and Kaylie to “see what it wants them to see”, and they end up outside watching themselves inside about to be killed. This is confusing enough as it is, but to add to this, they aren’t sure if they’re really the people inside or outside. Scenes like this were just frustrating and a lot of it was structured badly, to the point where I’d completely lost interest 3/4 of the way through the film.
The ending of Oculus was also disappointing. It was sudden and slightly predictable, but it did give an opportunity for sequels in the future. If there was a sequel, I’d definitely be open to watching it because I think the storyline here is pretty good. However the confusing structure ruined it for me, and I really didn’t feel like it was scary enough for it’s haunted house type genre.
Rating: 2/5



Author: Michaela Deane

Fourth year Journalism and English student. Drama Queen. Girl kisser. Angsty feminist. Professional wine mom. Virgo Sun with a Capricorn moon, also on the Leo-Virgo cusp so my whole existence is one big contradiction really. Unapologetically myself, always.

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