MAC Lipstick Collection

MAC Lipstick Collection


Faux (2)

Faux is an every-day nude colour that’s become extremely popular lately along with the likes of Brave and Twig, which have made a name for themselves as the “Kylie Jenner” lipstick. It can be hard to find a pinky-beige that suits your skin tone, because even slight variations can look off depending on how pale or dark you are. I have the skin of Snow White (NW10 to be exact), and find that Faux suits me perfectly. I like to team it with MAC’s Soar lip liner (another popular colour) and with just one application I get about 5 hours out of the lipstick. It’s a Satin finish so it’s not at all drying on the lips, making it the perfect every-day colour.

Fresh Moroccan (3)

This is a shimmery cinnamon-red that’s perfect for the festive season. It’s an almost glittery lipstick with specks of gold, and looks fabulous on green-eyed girls (or boys). It’s a Frost finish so the staying power isn’t great, but then again I’m yet to use it with a lipliner. I can usually get about 2 or 3 hours out of it, but what annoys me is even when the colour wears off (say, after you’ve eaten) you’re left with glitter all over your lips so you need to reapply straight away or risk looking like a fairy of some sort. Apart from this minor fault, Fresh Moroccan is definitely one of my favourites and if it was in a Matte finish I’d wear it all the time.

Russian Red (4)

I just got this lipstick as a Christmas present and it’s safe to say that I’m madly in love. I’ve been looking for the perfect red colour for a long time; not too bright, dark or neon, with great staying power, and Russian Red is exactly that. It’s a Matte finish which is my favourite, and stays on your lips for hours on end. I could easily get 6 hours out of this lipstick, and you don’t need a lip liner underneath as the staying power is great and it’s a solid, opaque colour. I like to line my lips for extra definition though, and Cherry by MAC compliments Russian Red perfectly.

Smoked Purple (5)

Smoked Purple is a deep plum, almost black lip colour that looks beautiful on darker skin tones. I’m not entirely sure but I think it may have blueish undertones, as it doesn’t make your teeth look yellow at all. I’m a lover of purple lipstick and needed a dark colour to add to my collection, so obviously when I seen that Smoked Purple was a Matte finish it was the obvious choice for me. It’s not a colour I wear often, and I usually only wear it at night as it’s very in your face, but when I do I team it with MAC’s Night Moth lip liner. People complain that Matte finishes dry out their lips and with my other Matte lipsticks I don’t find that it does, but for some reason Smoked Purple seems different. It’s a little more drying and I have to pull it across my lips to get coverage, but it lasts at least 6 hours so it’s worth the hassle.

Heroine (6 and other picture)

This is my all time favourite lip colour. It’s one of MAC’s more popular colours, and it’s not hard to see why. Although the bright violet colour can seem intimidating at first, it’s very easy to wear and suits almost everyone. It’s quite an extreme colour, but it’s my go-to every-day lipstick when I’m feeling like looking a little different. It looks great with minimal eye makeup and really makes your eye colour pop, which I love. It’s a Matte finish, and when teamed with MAC’S Magenta it lasts me 5 hours. I’m nearly out of this colour unfortunately, but I’ll most definitely be purchasing it again.

Bronze Shimmer (1)

Although this isn’t a colour that I wear often, it’s one I adore. This lipstick is quite a quirky golden-bronze, and I very rarely see anyone trying to pull this type of colour off. I bought this because it had been a while since I’d gotten a lip colour that was unique and different, and I wanted to try something new. It’s a hard one to get used to seeing on yourself, but it looks gorgeous with a brown smokey eye. It’s a Frost finish so it’s slightly shimmery, and the coverage isn’t as good as I’d like it to be. I don’t wear this as much as I’d like to because I don’t have a lip liner to go with it yet, but once I purchase MAC’s Cork I’ll be wearing it a lot more often. It’s one of those colours that you really need to use a lip liner with, as the staying power isn’t great (maybe 2-3 hours) and you can’t get much definition with it.

Saint Germain (8)

Saint Germain is a colour that I’ve had my eye on for a long time, and my best friend bought it for me this Christmas. It’s a candyfloss-pink with blueish undertones, and would look fabulous on tanned skin. It’s my first Amplified finish and I’m not exactly sure how I feel about it. I love the glossy look it provides, but it’s a little annoying having to reapply in three layers to get opaque coverage every time I take a drink or eat. I’m yet to buy a lip liner for this (if anyone knows of one that would go well with it, please let me know!) but I’m sure I’ll love it and wear it a lot more often once I do. I got so many compliments on my makeup the one night I wore this, and I really like how it can dramatically change up your look.

Viva Glam Nicki (7)

This is a bright, Barbie-pink that looks beautiful on blondes. It’s not too out there or in-your-face, and could easily be worn every day to spice up your look a little bit. It’s a Satin finish so it lasts 4 hours when teamed with lip liner, and is really girly and pretty. It’s a good colour for somebody who wants a bright and different colour, but doesn’t want to go too wild. This is definitely one I’ll purchase again when I run out, and all proceeds go to charity so you don’t even need to feel bad about splashing out.


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