College Complications: Weight Gain

Before I left for college, everyone warned me about the dreaded weight gain that I was sure to experience. Now, I had always been a very thin girl, slight and petite. I’d never been more than a size 8, no matter what food I was stuffing myself with. Weight gain was like a mythological creature to me, I was sure I’d be able to avoid it like I always had.

Well, that changed when I got to college. I’m guessing I had some major bodily change over the Summer that sped up my metabolism or something, because all I have to do is look at a Pot Noodle now and I gain about 3lbs right there on the spot. It’s not fair, and I don’t like it. I’m used to being able to eat what I want, when I want, and I’m not used to actually having to face consequences after stuffing my face with junk food.

I wouldn’t mind, but I’ve actually been eating better than I have in years. During sixth year, I survived on a diet of cheese on toast and pasta, but never ate proper meals. Now I’m eating three meals a day, and my body doesn’t seem to be coping too well with this change. In seven short weeks of college, I’ve gained a total of 18lbs. EIGHTEEN POUNDS. I weighed myself this morning and almost died right there on the spot, it was like something out of a horror movie if I’m honest.

Living five hours away from college, I rarely get the chance to come home, and I’m lucky if I see my family every three weeks. Now that I’m home, my relatives can’t stop telling me how healthy I look. By healthy, they mean “Oh wow, you’ve gained weight!” and it’s not exactly the nicest thing to hear. I’m average weight for my height, but I can’t help feeling blue about it. I’m not used to having these extra few pounds piled on, and I’m scared I’ll continue to gain weight. I mean what happens if I gain 18lbs every seven weeks? Ten tonne Tess is what will happen!

A combination of chicken fillet rolls, McDonalds and wine from Aldi, these extra few pounds can probably be justified. I’m in my first year of college, so giving up alcohol is a big no for me. My solution to this problem is going to be buying an extra shot each night out, so that I’m penniless when it comes to buying chips on the way home; smart thinking right there. Seriously though, I’m just going to have to watch what I eat a little more carefully, and maybe make use of the gym once or twice a week. Either way, a little bit of weight gain isn’t the end of the world, and I’m sure I’ll lose it again. As I always tell myself, it could be a hell of a lot worse. This is just one of the negative aspects of college life unfortunately, but it’s something that I won’t let ruin my fun!


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