The Mocks

Hmm, where will I start?
To be honest I thought the mocks would be a lot worse. I thought they’d make me cry an unbelievable amount and that I’d launch into spontaneous panic attack during each exam, when really, I was okay.
I’m aiming for 475 in the leaving cert, and honestly I’ll be over the moon if I hit 420, or even 415 in the mocks. I know they’re not exactly good to go by, seeing as a half the time they’re not corrected properly and the teachers can be pretty obvious with hints in the weeks before the exam itself. But I thought they were great for timing, and I’m using them in a positive light, to see where I need to focus my work on.
This year I’m studying English, Irish, Maths, French, Geography, Biology an Home Ec. Maths is my only ordinary level subject and it’s extremely hard trying to juggle it when I’m so bad at it, along with the six honours subjects that I’m actually using to count in my points.
So far, I’ve gotten two mock results back. I got a D2 in maths, which I was absolutely over the moon with considering only 10 people in my year passed ordinary level maths. And I got a C2 in biology which I was also very happy with, because I thought it was my worst exam.
For the 475 I want in the real thing, I’m hoping to get an A2 in geography, a B1 in home ec, a B2 in english, B3’s in irish and biology and a C1 in french. It’s pretty wishful thinking, I know, but if you aim for the moon you’ll fall amongst the stars!



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